“The window into my kitchen is a point of vulnerable connectivity that I’m super proud to experience firsthand with my customers,” says Chef, “them seeing me cook over a roaring wok, and me getting a glimpse of their happiness.”

– Chef Jason

Jason Chang is the chef, owner, and talented force behind Man Chun Hong. Once a hidden gem that grew in popularity through word-of-mouth off the bustling and internationally recognized Buford Highway, Man Chun Hong has become one of Atlanta’s must-go-to places for the finest in Chinese cuisine. Chef Jason’s food speaks to the interwoven stories of influence and migration a journey represented in his own family of the symbiotic relationship between China and Korea, an exchange dating back over 150 years between two remarkable cultures which have resulted in the world-renowned Chinese-Korean fusion that continues to captivate in today’s global markets and tastes. Man Chun Hong is one of the very few local establishments that serve this unique style of Chinese cuisine.


As a graduate of Georgia State University, Chef Jason is a proud Atlantan who built a concept around great Chinese food served through elevated dining experiences. Growing up in Marietta, he learned the tricks of his family’s trade through timeless recipes passed from previous generations into his father’s kitchen, the personal chef of Korea’s residing president. “He taught me by sharing the purpose and outcomes of every sauce, spice, and technique, this is what I give to our guests.


Man Chun Hong, which opened in 2008, is truly an expression of Chef Jason’s love for food and community. Guests can expect to see his wife managing the front of the house while his team of friendly staff built of family and friends work together to bring authentic meals in a comfortable, feel-good setting. 开桌 (Plate Up).